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  • Gaze cover final

    Gaze Regimes is a bricolage of essays and interviews showcasing the experiences of women working in film, either directly as practitioners or in other areas such as curators, festival programme directors or fundraisers. It does not shy away from questioning the relations of power in the practice of filmmaking and the power invested in the gaze itself. Who is looking and who is being looked at, wh ...

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    The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG), a church of Brazilian origin, has been enormously successful in establishing branches and attracting followers in post-apartheid South Africa. As an ethnography of people rather than of institutions, this book offers fresh insights into the mass Pentecostal Charismatic Churches movement that has swept across Africa since the early 1990s. ...

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  • postcolony Final

    First published in 2001, Achille Mbembe’s landmark book, On the Postcolony, continues to renew our understanding of power and subjectivity in Africa. This edition has been updated with a foreword by professor of African Literature, Isabel Hofmeyr, and a preface by the author. ...

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  • Termites

    Siyakha Mguni narrates his personal journey, over many years, to discover the significance of a hitherto enigmatic theme in San rock paintings known as ‘formlings’. Formlings are a painting category found across the southern African region, including South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe, with its densest concentration in the Matopo Hills, Zimbabwe. ...

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  • Money from Nothing by Deborah James

    South Africa’s national project of financial inclusion aims to extend credit to black South Africans as a critical aspect of abolishing apartheid’s legacy. Money from Nothing explores the contradictory dynamics inherent in this project, and captures the lived experience of indebtedness for many millions who attempt to improve their positions (or merely sustain existing livelihoods) in this com ...

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    With her earliest work, Penny Siopis established herself as one of the most talented and challenging visual artists in and beyond South Africa. Penny Siopis: Time and Again engages in a variety of ways with her work of the past thirty-fi ve years. A conversation between the artist and the editor, Gerrit Olivier, unfolds throughout the book, giving the reader fascinating insights into her working m ...

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  • ImpossibleMourning_HR

    Impossible Mourning argues that while the HIV/AIDS epidemic has occupied an important place in public discourse in South Africa over the last ten years, particularly in debates about governance and constitutional rights post-apartheid, the experiences of people living with HIV for the most part remain invisible and the multiple losses due to AIDS have gone publicly unmourned. This book engages wit ...

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  • Forgotten World

    The Mpumalanga Escarpment, stretching from Ohrigstad in the north via Lydenburg and Machadodorp to Carolina in the south, saw massive changes in precolonial times. Still visible today is a vast expanse of man-made stone walling which connects over 10 000 square kilometres of land into a complex web of circular homesteads, towns, terraced fields and linking roads, stretching for 150 kilometres in a ...

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  • CSCC caselining.indd

    This richly illustrated study offers detailed empirical analyses of changes in the city’s physical space, as well as a host of chapters on the character of specific neighbourhoods and the social identities being forged within them. Informing all of these is a consideration of underlying economic, social and political processes shaping the wider Gauteng region. ...

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  • LandChiefsMining_LR

    Land, Chiefs, Mining explores aspects of the experience of the Batswana in the thornveld and bushveld regions of the North-West Province, shedding light on defining issues, moments and individuals in this lesser known region of South Africa. ...

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Money from Nothing by Deborah James

Pretoria seminar and book launch for Money from Nothing by Deborah James on Tuesday 14 April

Monday, April 13th, 2015

You are invited to attend a seminar and book launch  on Indebtedness in SA: mediated capitalism. Deborah James will be in conversation with Lorenzo Fioramonti and John Sharp. When: Tuesday 14th April, Time: 16.15 – 18.30   (reception at 17:30) Seminar 16h15 – 17h00 Book Launch: 17h00 – 17h30 (small reception to follow) Venue: Old College […]

Money from Nothing by Deborah James

Deborah James’ new book, MONEY FROM NOTHING: Indebtedness and Aspiration in South Africa to be launched at Wits

Thursday, April 9th, 2015

Wits University Press and WiSER invite you to the launch of a new book MONEY FROM NOTHING Indebtedness and Aspiration in South Africa by Deborah James Deborah James explores in this book how ordinary people experienced South Africa’s version of the credit crunch. While South Africa’s national project of financial inclusion aims to extend credit to […]

carte blanche - publicity

The Forgotten World of the Koni people to be featured on Carte Blanche DSTV on Sunday 12 April 2015

Thursday, April 9th, 2015

Peter Delius, Tim Maggs and Alex Schoeman’s Forgotten World book (by Wits Press) and film (by Quizzical Pictures) on the ancient stone walls of Mpumalanga will get an airing on Carte Blanche. Learn more about the Koni, their activity and the area the lived his Sunday, 12 April 2015, at 7pm, DSTV Channel 101. Look out […]

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