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  • facets-of-power-9781868149759-1200

    Facets of Power is the first comprehensive account of the emergence, meaning and profound impact of Chiadzwa’s diamonds. These diamond fields of Chiadzwa in the Marange District, among the world’s largest sources of rough diamonds, have been at the centre of struggles for power in Zimbabwe since their discovery in 2006. ...

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  • apartheid-and-the-making-20160406-front-cover-1200px

    This intriguing memoir details in a quiet and restrained manner what it meant to be a committed black intellectual activist during the apartheid years and beyond. N Chabani Manganyi’s reflections on a life engaged with ideas, the psychological and philosophical workings of the mind and the act of writing are a refreshing addition to the genre of life writing. ...

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  • Gordonia cover_lores

    The Gordonia region of the Northern Cape Province has received relatively little attention from historians. In Hidden Histories of Gordonia: Land dispossession and resistance in the Northern Cape, 1800–1990, Martin Legassick explores aspects of the generally unknown ‘brown’ and ‘black’ history of the region. ...

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  • ZimbabwesMigrants_LR

    Maxim Bolt explores the lives of Zimbabwean migrant labourers, of settled black farm workers and their dependants, and of white farmers and managers, as they intersect on the border between Zimbabwe and South Africa. Focusing on one farm, this book investigates the role of a hub of wage labour in a place of crisis. ...

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  • SettlerColonialism_LR

    In this highly original work, Thiven Reddy shows how conventional approaches to understanding democratization have failed to capture the complexities of South Africa’s post-Apartheid transition. Rather, as a product of imperial expansion, the South African state, capitalism and citizen identities have been uniquely shaped by a particular mode of domination, namely settler colonialism. ...

    More about: South Africa, Settler Colonialism and the Failures of Liberal Democracy
  • Missing hi-res

    Missing is the story of Robert Khalipa , an ANC Cadre living in exile, who is very senior in the Organisation but is left out of the negotiations and almost forgotten in Sweden. Robert and his family are faced with the challenges of a South Africa that has changed radically from the one he remembers from more than thirty years ago. ...

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  • DorotheaBleek_HR (1)

    Dorothea Bleek (1873 to 1948) devoted her life to completing the ‘bushman researches’ that her father and aunt (Wilhelm Bleek and Lucy Lloyd) had begun in the closing decades of the nineteenth century. The book examines Dorothea Bleek’s life story, her rock art research and her fieldwork in southern Africa, and evaluates her scholarship and contribution to the history of ideas in South Afri ...

    More about: Dorothea Bleek: A Life of Scholarship
  • NaturesofAfrica-hires

    There are few books that show how nature in Africa is represented, celebrated, mourned or commoditised. Natures of Africa weaves together studies of narratives – from folklore, travel writing, novels and popular songs – with the insights of poetry and contemporary reflections of Africa on the worldwide web. ...

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  • Climate Change 5

    Climate change affects us all, but it can be a confusing business. Three leading South African scientists who have worked on the issue for over two decades help you to make sense of this topic. The book is organized into over fifty ‘frequently asked questions’, each with a brief, clear and scientifically up-to-date reply. ...

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  • D&D 1000

    As Jacob Zuma moves into the twilight years of his presidencies of both the African National Congress (ANC) and of South Africa, this book takes stock of the Zuma-led administration and its impact on the ANC. Dominance and Decline: The ANC in the Time of Zuma combines hard-hitting arguments with astute analysis. Susan Booysen shows how the ANC has become centred on the personage of Zuma ...

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INVITATION: Launch of Maxim Bolt’s book Zimbabwe’s Migrants and South Africa’s Border Farms: The Roots of Impermanence

Friday, May 6th, 2016

LAUNCH INVITATION Wits University Press invite you to the launch of Maxim Bolt’s book Zimbabwe’s Migrants and South Africa’s Border Farms: The Roots of Impermanence During the Zimbabwean crisis, millions crossed through the border fence to South Africa, searching for work as farm labourers. In a time of intensified pressures on commercial agriculture in South Africa following […]


Wits Press author Maxim Bolt wins Ethnography award for his book, Zimbabwe’s Migrants and South Africa’s Border Farms: The Roots of Impermanence

Friday, April 22nd, 2016

Congratulations to Wits University Press author Maxim Bolt winner of the 2016 BBC Thinking Allowed / British Sociological Association award for Ethnography with his book Zimbabwe’s Migrants and South Africa’s Border Farms: The Roots of Impermanence. Thinking Allowed in association with the British Sociological Association offers the annual award for a study that has made a significant […]

Gordonia cover_lores

Hamba Kahle Martin Legassick (1940 – 2016)

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

It is never pleasant to receive news of an author’s passing; the fact that his book is still in its final stages of completion makes it even less so. Hidden Histories of Gordonia: Land dispossession and resistance in the Northern Cape, 1800 – 1990 is without a doubt Martin Legassick’s ‘magnum opus’, to borrow the […]

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