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    With her earliest work, Penny Siopis established herself as one of the most talented and challenging visual artists in and beyond South Africa. Penny Siopis: Time and Again engages in a variety of ways with her work of the past thirty-fi ve years. A conversation between the artist and the editor, Gerrit Olivier, unfolds throughout the book, giving the reader fascinating insights into her working m ...

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  • ImpossibleMourning_HR

    Impossible Mourning argues that while the HIV/AIDS epidemic has occupied an important place in public discourse in South Africa over the last ten years, particularly in debates about governance and constitutional rights post-apartheid, the experiences of people living with HIV for the most part remain invisible and the multiple losses due to AIDS have gone publicly unmourned. This book engages wit ...

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  • Forgotten World

    The Mpumalanga Escarpment, stretching from Ohrigstad in the north via Lydenburg and Machadodorp to Carolina in the south, saw massive changes in precolonial times. Still visible today is a vast expanse of man-made stone walling which connects over 10 000 square kilometres of land into a complex web of circular homesteads, towns, terraced fields and linking roads, stretching for 150 kilometres in a ...

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  • CSCC caselining.indd

    This richly illustrated study offers detailed empirical analyses of changes in the city’s physical space, as well as a host of chapters on the character of specific neighbourhoods and the social identities being forged within them. Informing all of these is a consideration of underlying economic, social and political processes shaping the wider Gauteng region. ...

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  • LandChiefsMining_LR

    Land, Chiefs, Mining explores aspects of the experience of the Batswana in the thornveld and bushveld regions of the North-West Province, shedding light on defining issues, moments and individuals in this lesser known region of South Africa. ...

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  • Suspended Revolution Covers - Translations

    Buka ena ke setlamo ho maAfrika Borwa ohle a batlang ditharollo tse lebahaneng le demokrasi ya rona. Adam Habib o fana ka manollo ya sethato ya diphetoho tsa sepolotiki le tsa moruo nakong ena e ka mora kgethollo ka ho pepesa ditsitsipano tsa puso le matla a ka mahlakoreng ohle a teng sedikadikweng sa dipolotiki sa Afrika Borwa. ...

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  • Suspended Revolution Covers - Translations

    Lena yincwadi okumele ifundwe nakanjani yizakhamuzi zaseNingizimu Afrika ezifuna ukuthola izisombululo zezinkinga eziqondene nombuso wentando yeningi wethu. U-Adam Habib lapha uhlaziya ukuguqukela kokusha kokuphathelene nezombusazwe kanye nezomnotho enkathini yangemva kobandlululo ngokuveza izingqinamba ezikhungweni kanye nokudonsisana ngamandla okukhona kwezombusazwe eNingizimu Afrika. ...

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  • Rewolusie op Ys

    Met hierdie boek bied Adam Habib ’n oorspronklike analise van die politieke en ekonomiese oorgang in die postapartheidera deur die institusionele beperkinge en die magsbalanse wat ’n rol speel in die Suid-Afrikaanse politieke arena, bloot te lê. ...

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  • LongWayHome

    A Long Way Home is an extraordinarily rich guide to the history and material artefacts emanating from migrant life in South Africa. Spanning a three-hundred-year history, the book captures the humanity, agency and creative modes of self-expression of the millions of workers who left their rural homesteads to cross frontiers – whether by foot, carriage or otherwise – to new towns and cities, al ...

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  • EZdictionary_2911LR

    This fourth edition of English-isiZulu / isiZulu-English dictionary contains a newly revised isiZulu orthography in line with the approved PanSALB (2008) orthography. This dictionary provides an invaluable resource for students of isiZulu, for isiZulu-speaking students of English, and for linguists working in the isiZulu language. ...

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Penny Siopis

Penny Siopis book to be launched at the South African National Gallery

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

To coincide with the publication of Penny Siopis: Time and Again by Gerrit Olivier, the South African National Gallery has announced the first retrospective exhibition by Penny Siopis, also titled Time and Again. The exhibition, which opens to the public on 18 December, will contain work from collections in the Johannesburg Art Gallery; the Rupert […]

Forgotten World

Deputy Minister Thabang Makwetla speaks at launch of Forgotten World

Friday, December 5th, 2014

MEDIA RELEASE WITS UNIVERSITY PRESS 5/12/2014 Thabang Makwetla, deputy minister of Correctional Services, says Forgotten World fills a hiatus in South Africa’s history literature. In 2005, Prof Peter Delius was asked by Thabang Makwetla, former premier of Mpumalanga, to lead a research project on the history and heritage of the region. This initiative ultimately gave […]

Universities in the trenches

John Higgins’ book, ACADEMIC FREEDOM IN A DEMOCRATIC SOUTH AFRICA, analyses threats our universities face and proposes ways of resisting them

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

 Enlightened leadership needed to secure academic freedom 10 Oct 2014 00:00| Michael Chapman A new book analyses threats our universities face and proposes ways of resisting them.

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