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  • Drawing on theory and conceptual tools from interdisciplinary fields such as ecocriticism, queer theory, art history and postcolonial studies, Civilising Grass offers the first sustained investigation of the lawn in Africa and contributes to the growing conversation about the complex relationships between humans and non-humans on the continent. ...

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  • In this fascinating and readable book educationist Crain Soudien offers an insight into the work of a group of young Capetonian socialist intellectuals whose aim was to disrupt and challenge not only prevailing political narratives but the very premises – class and race – on which they were based. ...

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  • This volume grapples with contemporary conspicuous consumption in Africa, its history and how it relates to the project of African modernity. The essays delve into the pleasures, stresses and challenges of consuming in its religious, gendered and racialised aspects, revealing conspicuous consumption as a layered set of practices and relations. ...

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  • In this sweeping history of more than 3 000 years, beginning with Ancient Egypt, scientist Marcus Byrne and writer, Helen Lunn capture the diversity of dung beetles and their unique behaviour patterns. ...

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  • More than a million black South African women are domestic workers. These nannies, housekeepers and chars continue to occupy a central place in in postapartheid society. But it is an ambivalent position. Precariously situated between urban and rural areas, rich and poor, white and black, these women are at once intimately connected and at a distant remove from the families they serve. ‘Like fami ...

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  • The Wits Journal of Clinical Medicine is a peer-reviewed scientific research journal published tri-annually. It was established to provide a forum to showcase scientific research from the School of Clinical Medicine at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg and from the Clinical Medicine Departments in other institutions in South Africa and internationally. ...

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  • Knowledge and Global Power is a ground-breaking international study which examines how knowledge is produced, distributed and validated globally. The study focuses on new, socially and politically important research fields: HIV/AIDS, climate change and gender studies. ...

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  • How did Zulu radio in apartheid South Africa, intended to stifle debate, become one of the largest stations in Africa? Gunner maps the fashioning of a modernising Black culture through radio and highlights links between these media figures with writers and political leaders from Harlem to the American South. ...

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  • Heffernan considers the history of student organisations in the Limpopo Province from the 1960s and the ways in which students and youth at the University of Limpopo influenced political change on a national scale, over generations. In addition, she looks at how it has remained politically significant in the post-apartheid era. ...

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  • The emphasis on blood challenges the privileged status skin has had as an explanatory category in thinking about identity. Instead, Coetzee emphasises intergenerational transfer and continuity. She argues that a younger generation is contesting the terms through which to understand contemporary South Africa and interpreting the legacies of the past that remain under the visible layer of skin. ...

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Wits University Press book of short stories wins the Fiction Edited Volume category at the 2019 HSS awards

Monday, March 25th, 2019

Wits University Press is proud to be the publisher of the winner in the Fiction Edited Volume category of the annual National Institute of Humanities & Social Sciences (NIHSS) Awards. The prize was awarded at a sparkling ceremony at the Market Theatre in Johannesburg on Thursday, 14 March to Recognition: An anthology of SA short […]


Monday, March 25th, 2019

Wits Journal of Clinical Medicine Wits University Press is proud to announce that the first edition of a new online open access journal in the field of medicine, the Wits Journal of Clinical Medicine, is now published. The Wits Journal of Clinical Medicine is a peer-reviewed scientific research journal published tri-annually, and was established to provide a forum to showcase […]

Playwright Neil Coppen’s play, Tin Bucket Drum wins prestigious award

Friday, February 15th, 2019

Wits University Press is delighted to announce that Neil Coppen’s play, Tin Bucket Drum, has won the English Academy of Southern Africa Olive Schreiner Prize for Drama (2018). The Olive Schreiner Prize for drama forms part of a larger annual competition in creative writing of English expression, which includes prose and poetry. The award is named after Olive […]

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