Wits University Press books dominate the short list for NIHSS non-fiction awards 2020

 Five books from the Wits University Press’s stable of scholarly books have made it to the shortlist of the NHISS (National Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences)  Social Sciences Awards 2020.

The NIHSS’ Humanities Awards 2020: Book, Creative Collection and Digital Contribution has attracted more than 100 entries from creatives across the country.

Quoting from the NIHSS report in the Mail & Guardian:

” This year’s literature in the non-fiction category was hailed for challenging the status quo of higher education institutions in terms of the demographic representation, in addition to such spaces being perceived as the only primary sources of knowledge and research production. Decolonisation of knowledge and art and the intersectional nature of black and African lived experiences continue as prevailing themes.

Acts of Transgression – Contemporary Live Art in South Africa by Jay Pather and Catherine Boulle (Wits University Press) captures the feelings and complexities of  democratic South African society and shifts that the country has experienced with the passage of time. The judges noted the book’s demonstration of live art as more than just experiential, rather highlighting art as a tool and methodology of furthering social justice.

Sumaya Laher, Angelo Fynn and Sherianne Kramer’s edition of Transforming Research Methods in the Social Sciences (Wits University Press) is noted for its identification of improving access to research resources as a necessity and as a means of capacitating research in the Global South.

 Wits University Press’s Writing the Ancestral River: A Biography of the Kowie (Jacklyn Cock), Dance of the Dung Beetles: their Role in our Changing World (Marcus Bryne and Helen Lunn), and Civilising Grass: The Art of the Lawn on the South African Highveld (Jonathan Cane) respectively focus on the Kowie River, dung beetles and lawns. They weave together the intersectional landscapes of history, literature, ecology and more in intriguing and insightful ways.

The winners will be announced at a prize-giving ceremony on 12 March 2020 at Constitution Hill.

The shortlist for Non-Fiction Books are:

  • A Political Biography of Selby Msimang, Principle and Acts of Transgression by Sibonginesi Mkhize, HSRC Press
  • Black Academic Voices – The South African Experience by Grace Khunou, Hugo Canham, Katijah Khoza-Shangse and Edith Dinong Phaswana, HSRC Press
  • Acts of Transgression: Contemporary Live Art in South Africa, by Jay Pather and Catherine Boulle, Wits University Press
  • Civilizing Grass: The Art of the Lawn on the South African Highveld by Jonathan Cane, Wits University Press
  • Dance of the Dung Beetles: Their Role in the Changing World by Marcus Byrne and Helen Lunn, Wits University Press
  • Sol Plaatjie: A Life of Solomon Tshekisho Plaatjie 1876-1932 by Brian Willan, Jacana Media
  • Transforming Research Methods in the Social Sciences: Case Studies from South Africa by Sumaya Laher, Angelo Fynn and Sherianne Kramer, Wits University Press
  • Writing the Ancestral River: A Biography of the Kowie by Jaclyn Cock, Wits University Press

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