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  • Shadow of Liberation explores the twists, turns, contestations and compromises of the African National Congress’ (ANC) economic and social policy-making, particularly during the transition era of the 1990s and the early years of democracy. ...

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  • This book brings together some of the most innovative thinking on curriculum theory to address this important question. In the process, several critical questions are raised: Is decolonisation simply a slogan for addressing other pressing concerns on campuses and in society? What is the colonial legacy with respect to curricula and can it be undone? How is the project of curricula decolonisation s ...

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  • Through themed, illustrated stories of the people and places of Yeoville, the book presents a nuanced portrait of the vibrance and complexity of a post-apartheid, peri-central neighbourhood that has often been characterised as a ‘slum’ in Johannesburg. ...

    More about: Politics and Community-Based Research
  • Ahead of its time, the ideas in this book are an exemplary demonstration of what a thoroughgoing and rigorous de-colonial critique should entail. The re-publication of this classic text is enriched by the  inclusion of a foreword and annotation by respected scholars Garth Stevens and Grahame Hayes respectively, and an afterword by public intellectual Njabulo S. Ndebele. ...

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  • What Remains is a fusion of text, dance and movement to tell a story about the unexpected uncovering of a slave burial ground in Cape Town, the archaeological dig that follows and a city haunted by the memory of slavery. ...

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  • Employing a style common in philosophy but rarely used in psychology, the book offers thoughts about the ideas, contestation, urgency and desire around a psychological praxis in Africa for Africans. While setting out a framework for researching, teaching and practicing African psychology, the book in part coaxes, in part commands and in part urges students of psychology, lecturers, researchers and ...

    More about: The World Looks Like This From Here
  • The Wits Journal of Clinical Medicine is a peer-reviewed, Open Access scientific research journal published tri-annually, and was established to provide a forum to showcase scientific research from the School of Clinical Medicine at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg as well as from other institutions nationally and internationally. ...

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  • Offering a set of multidisciplinary analyses of governance in different sectors (crisis management, water, food security, universities), in different locales (including the African Union and specific regional contexts from West Africa, Zambia, to South Africa), and from different theoretical approaches, this volume makes a useful addition to the growing debates on ‘how to govern’. ...

    More about: Governance and the Postcolony
  • In Media in Postapartheid South Africa, author Sean Jacobs turns to media politics and the consumption of media as a way to understand recent political developments in South Africa and their relations with the African continent and the world. Jacobs looks at how mass media defines the physical and human geography of the society and what it means for comprehending changing notions of citizenship in ...

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  • Mahatma Gandhi redefined nutrition as a holistic approach to building a more just world. What he chose to eat was intimately tied to his beliefs. His key values of nonviolence, religious tolerance, and rural sustainability developed in coordination with his dietary experiments. His repudiation of sugar, chocolate, and salt expressed his opposition to economies based on slavery, indentured labor, a ...

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Wits University Press book of short stories wins the Fiction Edited Volume category at the 2019 HSS awards

Monday, March 25th, 2019

Wits University Press is proud to be the publisher of the winner in the Fiction Edited Volume category of the annual National Institute of Humanities & Social Sciences (NIHSS) Awards. The prize was awarded at a sparkling ceremony at the Market Theatre in Johannesburg on Thursday, 14 March to Recognition: An anthology of SA short […]


Monday, March 25th, 2019

Wits Journal of Clinical Medicine Wits University Press is proud to announce that the first edition of a new online open access journal in the field of medicine, the Wits Journal of Clinical Medicine, is now published. The Wits Journal of Clinical Medicine is a peer-reviewed scientific research journal published tri-annually, and was established to provide a forum to showcase […]

Playwright Neil Coppen’s play, Tin Bucket Drum wins prestigious award

Friday, February 15th, 2019

Wits University Press is delighted to announce that Neil Coppen’s play, Tin Bucket Drum, has won the English Academy of Southern Africa Olive Schreiner Prize for Drama (2018). The Olive Schreiner Prize for drama forms part of a larger annual competition in creative writing of English expression, which includes prose and poetry. The award is named after Olive […]

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