New South African Review 1

2010: Development or Decline?
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  • Publication Date: 2010
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The publication of the New South African Review produced from the department of sociology at the University of the Witwatersrand, represents the launch of an exciting new annual series of studies in South African politics, economics, and society. Drawing together original contributions, Volume 1 2010 will range widely over South Africa’s location in the global economic crisis, the mounting environmental challenges facing the country, and the extent of poverty and unemployment through to the state of Zuma’s ANC, land reform, and other critical issues confronting South African society: crime, child trafficking, HIV-Aids, indigent management, the justice system, and so on. Controversial, challenging and critical, the collection is framed by the question of whether South Africa can shift from a present path heralding long-term decline to a more optimistic future of global competitiveness and sustainable development. A vital read for all those wishing to keep track of present policies, trends, and outcomes in South African political economy.

Contributors to the volume include: Devan Pillay, Mark Swilling, Mike Muller on the environmental crisis; Neva Magketla, Seeraj Mohammed, Sam Kariuki, Doreen Atkinson, and Scarlett Cornellison on the economy; Anthony Butler, Maxi Schoeman, Liel Loots and Kammila Naidoo on politics; Colin Hoag, Prishani Naidoo, Jeremy Gordin and Louis Reynolds on state policy; Zosa de Sas Kropiwnicki, Hein Marais, Peter Vale, Loren Landau, Tara Poler, Aurelia Wa Kabwe Segatti, Terry Ann Selikow, and Graham Gibbon on society and crisis; Roger Southall on development or decline.

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